7 Best Foods Items to Boost Your Brain and Memory

Eating fish like salmon helps your brain work better because it has special fats called omega-3s that are like brain fuel.


These small fruits are like superhero foods for your brain. They have stuff that helps your brain stay sharp and remember things.


It's a spice that colors your food yellow. It's like a shield for your brain because it fights off things that can make your brain tired.


Imagine broccoli as a brain booster. It has things that help your brain stay strong and not get slow as you grow older.


These tiny seeds are like tiny helpers for your brain. They give your brain important stuff to stay strong and work well.

Pumpkin Seeds

Dark chocolate is like a tasty treat for your brain. It has things that help your brain stay awake and focused

Dark Chocolate


Nuts are like little brain snacks. They give your brain energy and help it stay sharp and healthy